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More of Mika's wee inkypic portraits by thePicSees More of Mika's wee inkypic portraits by thePicSees

A couple of weeks ago we showed you two little inkypic portraits that Mika drew and promised that we'd soon share some more of these lovely little drawings with you.... and here they are, two more pictures and a promised kept ~:)

On the left is a portrait of a wee Kabouter called Keijr who lives in the woods near our house (the kabouters are weefolk from the Netherlands who are similar to gnomes...but in the way a rabbit is similar to a hare but not quite the same). Keijr is very friendly and always has a story and a bit of cheese to share so we visit him often. On the right is a picture of another good friend of ours called Lindee-Mae. She is one of the wee moon-time faerie who collects the left over bits sunlight at the end of each day and recycles them into glimmers and shimmers for the next day's dewdrops.

We hope you like these 2 new inkypic portraits ~:)
And if you missed the first two we shared just scroll down a couple of post on our page or visit our website at: to see them all and read about why Mika started drawing these little pictures in the first place...

GaladinNimcelithil Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  Student General Artist
They are super sweet!! ❤
thePicSees Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018
Thank you very very much, we are so glad you like them ~:)
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