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Still life...with a wee baby dragon. by thePicSees
Still life...with a wee baby dragon.
Hello everyone, it's us...the Picsees and guess what? It's summertime! yHay! It's been nice and sunny for a while now but this week was officially the start of summer. Of course we do know that it's not summertime everywhere and some of you might be missing we thought we could maybe share a wee bit of our summer with everyone, and we decided a good way to do this is to draw you a wee picture of some lovely summer flowers. We packed our best pencils and went down to the park. It didn't take us long to find some good drawing flowers and we were scribbling away in no time...but like always we got a wee bit lost in the much so that we didn't really pay attention to the "big picture" and the something rather interesting appearing in it. It was actually only after Mika pointed our that one of the flowers we were drawing had a lovely smile when we noticed we were drawing more than just flowers...and if we didn't have this picture as proof you probably wouldn't have believed us, but there he was! A wee dragon pup playing among the very flowers that we were drawing for you! This was an exciting's not everyday that you get to meet a dragon pup! We went over to talk to him, but cause he's still a wee baby he couldn't really speak, he only made some clicky noises and then he got distracted by a bumble bee and chased after it, disappearing between the flowers. We ran after them but couldn't find him or the bumble.
We went back to the exact same spot and sat there the whole day hoping to see him again and maybe make friends if we do, but there was no sign of him. We even did some clicky noises like he did but it didn't help. So today we are are going to paint some yellow and black bumble bee stripes on Eric and have him run around the flowers to see if that will make him come out to play cause we know for sure that he likes to chase bumble bees...
Last night we went down to the lake and found one of the Elderfaeries sitting there. He invited us to sit with him and said we can ask him one question. The Elderfaeries are very wise. They're probably the wisest of all the wee faeryfolk living in these realms. It's because they've been living here for so long. For thousands and thousands of years in fact, which is why we decided to ask him about just that...these realms.

He didn't answer us right away. Instead he sat quietly for a while, while trying on a few different frowns and when he finally found one that fitted, he looked down at something he was holding in his hand. Something that wasn't quite there. Something only he could see.

"Aye...reality" he said eventually. He repeated the word a few more times to himself as if to see if that might change its meaning, and once he was quite sure it wouldn't, he went on...
"It's a pretty peculiar place, isn't it. I don't think it was ever intended for anyone to live here, but here we all are nonetheless."
He nodded his head slowly, eyes still fixed on the unseen object in his hand, giving the worlds he just spoke a moment to find their place among us.

"Reality" he said once more. "The real-realms we used to call it back home. The strange fringes of the dreamworlds, where the seemingly endless possibilities of dreams finally lose their momentum and settle into their final from for all of time. Becomes...real, as the locals might say.
That's is the definition of reality you know...when a thing is a thing and can nevermore be another thing. It's just that one thing. Nae more. Nae less. Always and forever. The exact opposite of a dream in a way...or at least that's what they say..."

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity, he stopped looking at his hand and turned his gaze up at us, his frown slowly relaxing.
"But it's not all as bad as it might sound" he said. "Because you see..."
He stopped talking and held out his hand as the object that was never there slowly began to take shape. It was becoming more and more...real. For just a moment it could have been (and probably was) absolutely anything, and then it settled into the form of a small grey pebble.

Without a word he turned his gaze towards the lake, it's surface was smooth and dark. The moon was slowly rising over it and painted a thin white line across the entire surface, all the way to the edge of the water where we were sitting. Then, just before the moonlight touched our toes the Elderfaerie threw the pebble out across the lake. It skipped on the surface three times and disappeared, but it left a wee ripple every time it touched the water. These ripples grew into wee waves, weaving the most intricate patterns across the entire surface as they travelled to and fro, bringing the lake to life. The moonlight joined in and danced between the lines, scattering its light across the forest canopy. Water touched our toes as the waves reached the shore with a soft rhythmic murmur. It lasted a mere moment but it was beautiful.

We all sat there staring at the lake as it settled back into silence. Into its reality. The Elderfaerie turned back to us and spoke once more.
" ..there's also that" he said and smiled.
Nalu, the Firefly faerie... by thePicSees
Nalu, the Firefly faerie...

We are so excited to show you our new art picture. We made it to introduce you to quite an extraordinary wee faerie that we recently met. Her name is Nalu. She spends most days collecting wee bits of strings, tiny treads and even small snippets of yarn and ribbons, which is not a strange thing for faeriefolk to do, most of us love collecting strings and things...but It's what she does with these that's quite amazing.

You see...She'll keep gathering these until she has just enough (we asked her exactly how much enough is, to which she just smiled and said "enough is not a number, enough is knowing") and then carefully tie each one into a wee little bow. They look similar to shoelaces, but we tried to make one and it's a lot more complicated to do than a lace of a shoe.

Making these can take her anything from a few hours to a few weeks depending on how many bits of string she has...but she always has just enough which means it will take her exactly the right amount of time to do. When the very last one is tied, a full moon should be just about halfway through its climb up into the evening sky, under which she'll sit and wait. She will whistle for the wind and wait some more...her hands like a wee cocoon around the bowties. And then, as the breeze arrives she slowly opens her hands like a flower in bloom, letting them drift off with the wind into the night skies...and one by one, with a wee bit of magic and a whole lot of moonlight they turn into fireflies...

The Faerie Informer Newspaper!

Fb Thefaerieinformer by thePicSees

Today is quite historic and very very exciting, cause today we get to share our wee little newspaper with you! yHay! You are actually very lucky cause no human bean has ever
 seen a newspaper from the faerie realms's true, you will be the first! Up to now all our news was written in faerieglypics which you would not be able to read...actually half the time we can't even read it ourselves!.
But from today, by appointment of her Wee Majesty the Tooth Faery we will have a worldwide website edition of The Faerie Informer newspaper that's specially written in human bean letters...and for good reason too! You see, not too long ago Her Wee Highness didn't believe that Human beans like you existed, actually most faeirefolk thought human beans were a myth. But then we showed her our facebook and deviant art pages

and she was amazed at what she saw...not because she just found out the mythical human beans are, she was amazed at how lovely and kind you all were...all the lovely messages, good wishes and so many smiles. When she saw this she immediately declared you and all our other friends on here to be honorary magical beings....and all magical beings gets to read the Faerie Informer newspaper ~:D
We hope you like it very much, We are still busy translating some of our old news articles into human bean letters and will add them all on there soon...but more importantly we'll be posting all the latest news and pictures and wee stories from the faerie realms on there so you won't ever have to miss a single thing that's happening in our wee world.
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone, we are the Picsees and we love to make art pictures of our friends and our adventures, also we like to play and look for bugs in the park. you must come say hello to us on the twitters ok, just go to the

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